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Our Founder on The Mutt Dog

Our Founder on The Mutt Dog

From the time I was young, I have looked for a way to work with dogs. I used to say that my ultimate goal was to travel to amazing places, rescuing dogs in need along the way. I grew up with dogs- a love for animals, especially those in need, has always been a part of my family fabric, beginning with my grandmother, my mother, and my aunts. To be honest, not much has changed. The Mutt Dog embodies this lifelong love for animals, and hopefully will help save dogs across the world like I have always dreamed of. 

The Mutt Dog was inspired by my first rescue dog, Neptune, who I found when he was only 10 weeks old. He was our baby and my first true responsibility. Shortly after adopting Neptune, my wife and I found out that our first human babies (twins!) were on their way, and our family quickly grew. Neptune grew up fast, and had a lot of chaos at home with twin boys, and a baby sister shortly after. 

I still treat Neptune like my first child; he is as naturally a part of our family as our three human kids. Although we rescued him as a puppy who was found underneath a bus, huddled for warmth with his siblings, it's very easy to forget about the life he could have had. It's easy to think about his rescue story on our end, and how we saved him - I honestly can’t imagine my life without him. I never miss a walk with him and can't sleep unless he's on my bed, sleeping soundly in between my legs. I'm grateful for the unspoken love he gives me and my family without ever being able to speak it : he shows his love in other ways, whether it’s squeezing close or sniffling his heart-shaped nose into yours, we can always tell what he’s trying to say. 

These feelings of unconditional love are special. They make you forget about any pain, stress, or anxiety hanging over you in that moment. What Neptune has done for my family (what all dogs in our lives do for us everyday) is the reason why we are building The Mutt Dog. Our hope is that in the future, TMD will be able to make a huge impact in the rescue community by becoming a resource for the amazing people that dedicate their lives to rescue dogs; in turn, we hope to help unite dogs with loving families, each bringing the other the type of love we’ve been so lucky to experience with Neptune.

We have a long way to go and a lot to learn, but The Mutt Dog is a true passion and lifelong dream for me. This brand will be built slowly, thoughtfully, and with love at its core, so that it is able to leave a meaningful impact on the rescue world. We’re excited to build and to be a small part of this amazing community.

- Jonathan Weiner, Founder of The Mutt Dog